Hugo Boss – Boss Selection

Yet another fragrance from the house of Hugo Boss, but this time it is a more unknown one form the year of 2006. “Boss Selection” by Hugo Boss comes with a pretty unique composition in the breakdown of the notes and is one of the fragrances I own that is fired up with a huge amount of musk.

“Boss Selection” opens with a decent blast of citruses represented by Grapefruit and Clementine. What follows immediately is a lot of Musk and Pepper in connection with Star Anise. As all of this dries down some Cedar joins the scent experience and from there on the fragrance stays pretty linear. The only thing left is the game between the note of Musk and Anise. They both lead the composition and create that unique vibe in connection with grapefruit.

The one really bad thing about “Boss Selection” is the performance. Which you can see if you take a look at the amount of juice that is left in the bottle. The fragrances lasts on average around four hours on my skin and sometimes even less. That makes me question my skin, but I read that other people had the same issue. Additionally it is not very present after one hour and sometimes I forgot that I sprayed it on. I had to come very close to my skin to smell it.


Otherwise creates this musky, citrusy, slightly woody and spicy fragrance a very cool vibe. The man wearing this is confident in what he does, has got an elegant attitude and the right urge to be successful. He is masculine and independent. A sensation of authority emerges when wearing or smelling “Boss Selection”. But not that kind of straight forward, ‘Bleu de Chanel’ authority more like an authority that earned a knowledge over the years and knows that everything has got its´ time and place to be and to function. Too much hustle might be too much. He is more leaned back than the young and energetic guy who just started to work. If you want to put it into style, the owner of “Boss Selection” does not dress casual, but also not formal. He is something in the middle who knows what he does, is good.


I think that this fragrance can be worn in all the indoor activities you can imagine are combined with work. It is a more mature scent because of the heavy musk and therefore nothing for a teenager who is still in school. It is a scent for the colder, grey and windy autumn days when it is time to stay inside. Then the bad performance does not annoy that much, because you can at least save the silage. Just throw this bottle in your car and every time you get out, give yourself a little spray or hide it in your drawer to reapply.


“Boss Selection” Eau de Toilette come in two sizes from which the 50ml bottle costs 35€ and the 90ml costs 40€. I can recommend it, if you see the purpose of this scent and are willing to suck up the bad performance for a unique scent. So if you want to buy it, do it online and get the bigger bottle. More value for a little bit more money. But as always, if you get the chance to try it out, do that.

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