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“It just takes 5 seconds and little guidance to become more attractive to the people around you. Your whole appearance changes by wearing the right fragrance in the right situation.” – ScentSpace


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Hey fragheads and all other interested people. I am Jakob and this is my blog “ScentSpace”. As you might understood already, this blog is about fragrances and I am a enthusiast, that is for sure.

Discover with me new fragrances and find your new signature scent to rock all the time. I´ll help you out and save some time for you, which you might spend standing in front of shelves in the store to search for the one bottle that fits perfectly to you. I try to give you my impression of a scent and hand over some information about it, that might be interesting. We are looking at fragrances for him and her and I am also collecting my knowledge about them, e.g.: “How to apply a fragrance?”, “Where to buy it?”, or “How to smell it?”. I am publishing a new scent-showcase every monday at the beginning and some knowledge about the things around fragrances on friday. So you will have a good start in the week and a cool tip before leaving into the deserved weekend.

So, if I caught your attention, why don´t read through some of my posts. If you like them and the other content I am putting out, leave a like and follow me for the newest updates. Thank you!

However, if you just stopped by on accident, I still wish everyone a bright day and hope you smell good! (: