Abercrombie & Fitch – First Instinct

Ah, I like spring and with the warmer days almost on the doorstep you should get ready for times by the lake, the beach or on the boat. You should get ready for times hanging out with friends in a bar, at their homes or just out on the streets meeting new people. You might even have a date in the warm atmosphere of an evening.


And for the mentioned occasion, so situations in your spare time, having fun and enjoying the spring and summer sun and the long days, I want to recommend you a fragrance that was published at the end of 2016 and could cover all of your needs.

I am talking about the crowd pleaser “First Instinct” by Abercrombie & Fitch. With the noticeable notes of Melon, Gin & Tonic, Citruses, Musk, Pepper and Amber this fresh, sweet and fruity fragrance creates an amazing vibe which you could remember and always keep to your mind in connection with a great spring and summer of 2017. A highlight is definitely the feminine note of Melon, but in connection with the present musk and pepper this girly-vibe is reduced and there is no doubt that we are looking at a fragrance for him.



The vibe I am trying to forestall is the vibe of a sexy and masculine ‘Sunny-boy’, who has an easy approach onto friends and girls. In general a young man who has an easy approach onto life. His refreshing character is refined with the alluring and seductive juice of “First Instinct”. Girls would consider him as a ‘Hottie’ with the chance to get them all. A & F’s “First Instinct” is the perfect scent for the mentioned occasions and very well done concerning the scent itself. Man, I like it!

It sadly lacks on the performance category. The longevity is just around six hours on my skin and the good silage can just keep up around one hour. Afterwards it is a skin-scent with some moments where it is eventually possible to catch a whiff of this amazing fragrance. Therefore you should carry a travel-atomizer if you are staying out the whole day. And as MrSmelly1977 always says:


“When two hours go by, it´s time to reapply” – MrSmelly1977


Because of the little lack in the performance category, “First Instinct” works best in close encounters like dates or if you are working at a bar or beach club. Damn, that would be sexy. The ‘Eau de Toilette’ comes in three different sizes: the 30ml bottle, the 50ml bottle and the 100ml bottle. I picked mine up for 495SEK, which are a little bit more than 50€. Worth a blind buy? Mh, yes I think so, but as always you should check it out before, although you would not regret buying it.

Have an amazing summer!

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