Hermès – Terre D’Hermès

The most iconic fragrance of this designer house in my opinion. Everyone has heard about the creation from Jean-Claude Ellena from the year 2006 and has certainly smelled it. “Terre D`Hermès” is classic.

It is not as polarizing as Lalique’s “Encre Noire” is but the opinion about this fragrance strongly separate from each other. Some say “Terre D`Hermès” smells like rotten orange peel mixed with an earthy vibe, while others claim that it is a masterpiece with a perfect selection of notes and their behavior in this mixture.

What I get from “Terre D`Hermès” are very strong notes of Orange and Lemon in connection with Vetiver. As it dries down Pepper, Cedar and Benzoin come closer to the surface of the scent. Not a whole much more to say about the structure of this creation. It is kind of interesting how that creates the unique and ‘Hermès’ – specific vibe. This fragrance is citrusy, woody and fresh spicy with a decent load of earthy – and dirtiness. It almost smells like you are outside, grabbing a bucket of soil, throwing it into the air while you are standing close to a stall with citrus fruits and then inhale the whole scent that is lingering in the air. That is a strange picture if I imagine it, but I think it fits the vibe of “Terre D´Hermès”.


Scent – wise I have to admit that it is well done, although I do not like it that much. But that could be due to my age and my imagination of a man that could wear this fragrance. I simply feel old if I spray this on. The earthiness with the half-fresh and half-rotten orange peel smell projects a very dated vibe. It might be classic to the fans but I will have to wait until I get comfortable with smelling like a 40 year old man.

I guess if I should reach that age I will really enjoy it. In the future there might be space for the very classic, cool and mature me, but nowadays I am looking forward to keep my spirit and energy. I could totally imagine wearing this on a casual day or in the evenings when I am out with my wife strolling through the park in the warmer days of fall and spring. “Terre D`Hermès” is a transition scent between summer and winter. In the early days of the year the freshness can underline the vibe of this time and looking forward to the autumn the earthiness is the player that projects a certain atmosphere.


The performance on this scent is good. It lasts around 10 hours on my skin with a good projection for the first two hours. The Eau de Toillete version of “Terre D´Hermès” comes in five different sizes. There are 5ml, 12,5ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml bottles on the market of which the 50ml bottle costs around 50€. If you are a more older and mature man then this is definitely a scent you should consider. There is nothing wrong with being proud about age and showing it to the people you meet. Otherwise go ahead and check it out first.

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