Lalique – Encre Noire

Known, loved or hated by a lot of people. Published in 2006 and created by Nathalie Lorson, “Encre Noire” by Lalique is surely one of the more polarizing fragrance on the market. You might love it or hate it. Something in between is very uncommon for the fine noses out there.

The first impression that entered my head smelling this scent was: “Oh well, this is dark and I am scared.” I could not define this expression because the scent itself to me is very clear and clean. Later found out that this is the vibe of Vetiver. This woody aromatic has got a very special character that I have never smelled before. Darkness could easily smell like this. There are only four notes in “Encre Noire” but the one you will always connect to this fragrance, is the note of Vetiver pounding through the whole composition. What else should there be with just four notes, right? It is basically Vetiver, Cypress, Cashmere Wood and Musk with a very persistent vibe of the first two. This natural, dark and wet woody vibe seriously is well done. As mentioned before it is not that dark and cozy as other fragrances are. In my opinion “Encre Noire” has got a very clear character that confronts the dark vibe.



This fragrance is not something to use on a daily basis. It is something very special. The vibe it creates is so unique that it only fits into some narrow places. “Encre Noire” is a fragrance for the mature man. The masculine, the hard-working one who wants to create more authority than he already owns if he enters a room. The in my opinion uninviting and unfriendly vibe certainly helps create this image. You do not want to mess with him today. He is serious and focused on achievements and success. That projection matches exactly the first impression I had (“…and I am scared.”). Fear, focus and respect mitigate as the scent dries down and the atmosphere is more relaxed, but still intense.

What I think makes this fragrance so special is the truth that hides behind the mist of the rain, so the first layer of the person working so hard. He is a man of quality and ambition. Quality that lies beyond the effort put into work and which can be found in his personal life. He wants to achieve and win the game of life with passion and hard work.

I can imagine “Encre Noire” be worn in almost every season of the year with exception of the summer. I guess warmth or heat and a rainy dark forest do not go that well together. It is definitely an upscale, office and business occasion scent and not made for a casual use when you are out with your friends, family or on a date. Eh eh. No daterino, please. Additionally it has got very good performance with a longevity up to 12 hours and a heavy silage.

Lalique’s creation comes in two different sizes and an ‘Eau de Toilette’ concentration. The 50ml bottle which costs around 30€ and the 100ml bottle which costs around 35. As said in the introduction either you love it or you hate it so you should check it out. I recommend it, but I would not say it is a save blind buy.


 “Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through a wet forest and inhale the natural beauty of nature. Do you fear it?”


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