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Hello to all the people looking at my first post on my blog “ScentSpace”. I am really glad that you passed by and are reading so far.
You know, I always had a passion concerning looks of people, style and personality. But then I discovered fragrances and my thoughts about all these things were influenced in a way I would have never imagined. It is so much more, than just spraying fragrance on your skin and smelling good afterwards. It is showing personality, style and attitude from a human towards the people around. You appearance differs in just 5 seconds and the easiest part is to pull the scent-trigger. You will get recognized in a different way and may have the simplest conversations about your fragrances in every situation you are in. The right scent in the right occasion makes a moment a memorable one. More people should get used to wear fragrances. If they knew what they miss…

As mentioned before, spraying a fragrance is the easiest part, but you have to find it first, smell through hundreds of bottles before you find anything that might be working for you. In addition you might know nothing about it and can not decide if you should spend some money on it. That´s were I come in. “ScentSpace” is showcasing fragrances for him and her. You will learn about what my impressions of these scents are, which notes and accords are really standing, where to wear them, or how good they do in the performance-category. Afterwards you easily find something that peeked your interest and can go ahead and smell it in the store or simply blind buy it. No more searching the needle in the haystack. And trust me, this haystack is f*** huge and there are not to many shiny needles in it.

So I decided to split this blog into three categories. “Him”, “Her” and “Tips & Tricks”. Just check the main menu to find your topic of interest and read about what you like. And if you liked the content you saw, leave a like and follow. Also, check me out on Instagram where most of the action is taking place first but I noticed that long-texts and Instagram are not best friends, so I will be bringing the whole text here. But you will get the first few on a new post and all the different things I see on my journey with you. I appreciate it.

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  1. jakobatnilsson says:

    Hey there. I really like your page and cool name that you got there. Hopefully I will find something just right for me. ✌🏻️

    Liked by 1 person

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