Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Giò

We are starting things off with a scent that is one of the most famous creations out on the fragrance market. It is called: “Acqua di Giò Pour Homme” by Giorgio Armani and was created by Alberto Morillas in 1996. This scent is a citrusy, aromatic and aquatic scent with remarkable notes of lime, lemon and jasmine. Especially the aquatic, salty notes jump into your nose and spread the feeling of summer, surfing and hanging out at the beach.


Therefore it is often categorized as a spring and summer fragrance and can be worn perfectly in any occasion. Even on the last warm autumn days it is totally wearable. The fragrance does have a  longevity around the 8 hour mark, although it depends on the skin it is worn on. The silage it projects is good at the beginning but sadly settles very fast to shoulder range.

Since the winter has come so early here in Sweden and the warmer days have gone by some time ago, this fragrance will be put in second row on the shelf. As soon as the suns comes out again and the warmth comes back it will be definitely be picked up again.
If you have not checked it out yet, which you should already, then do it and get your nose on one of “the” fresh fragrances out there. If you own it already and rocked it this summer,  let us know what you think about it.
This is just the repost of my first Instagram-post and more like this will follow. This is also how I like to write my texts. Sure I do not want them to be boring, but I try to cover as much points in an interesting text.
Thank you for reading!

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