Hugo Boss – The Scent for her

The sister of “The Scent” by Hugo Boss, “The Scent for her” by Hugo Boss is a very pleasant fragrance by the German designer house of Hugo Boss. The character of this creation out of the year 2016 definitely fits to the other huge amount of fragrances Hugo Boss published. Solid, good and wearable for almost every woman out there. This is a noticeable phenomenon that all of Hugo Boss’ creations comprise.

“The Scent for her” to me is a light, clean and inoffensive fragrance that no one can really dislikes. The vibe that is delivered with every spray of this wonderful atomizer, is a vibe of a woman that cares about her hygiene and appearance, but still wants to stay outside the focus of to many people and therefore does not choose the sexy, honey-sweet and seductive choices on the market. She is more like a shy and reserved women in the open space and more or less the one who stays home, when her friends go out to party.

Peach, Freesia, Osmanthus and Cacao are the only four notes used in this gourmand fragrance. They are responsible for the floral and fruity vibe of “The Scent for her”. Right of the cap I get the light peach sweetness, but sprayed on the skin the two floral accords enter the silage and the described vibe arises. Sadly I almost cannot pick up the Cacao, even after 5 hours of longevity. It might be slightly in the background but hard to point out because of the strong top and middle notes. Talking about performance the projection is not the best but it can be picked-up if you are close to the person wearing “The Scent”.



If I want to fit the occasions where to pick up “The Scent” to the women described earlier I definitely would recommend wearing this fragrance in casual indoor activities like a casual day at the office or school. But because of the inoffensive and easy character of this fragrance and the reality that not every woman who enjoys this scent is as described, you could definitely add the formal situations, business meetings or dates during daytime. It is so pleasant and never too strong on one of the accords. In the early seasons the peach note and the floral notes can shine even better and the whole vibe definitely gives off that sunny, fruity and clean vibe of spring and summer.

Hugo Boss’ “The Scent for her” is an Eau de Parfum concentration and comes in three different sizes. Starting with the 30ml bottle which costs around 50€. You could also pick up the 50ml for 70€ or the 100ml for 75€.

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