Zara – Tobacco Collection ‘Rich/Warm/Addictive’

That price does not determine over the quality of a fragrances is widely spread over the community. This simple rule also fits to the scent of the day.

It is called “Rich/Warm/Addictive” from the Tobacco Collection of the fashion chain Zara. Published in 2016 this scent is truly a hidden gem in the fragrance line of Zara. Effort has been put into it and the outcome speaks for itself. The result is a sold-out fragrance for around 15€ in a store that is not known for their scent creations.

“Rich/Warm/Addictive” is a fragrance that contains the notes of Honey, Coconut, Tobacco, Sandalwood and Cedar. The whole creation for me gives of a slight, white and sweet vanilla vibe. And if I say sweet I am talking about really, really deep honey – sweetness with a hint of tobacco. It smells like you took a dip into a honey and coconut – milk bath. Do not underestimate the sweetness. It is strong and for some people even to strong to have this fragrance worn by a man.


The expression: “It sticks to your skin.” gets a whole new meaning if you smelled this.


The whole composition does not smell synthetic at all and the whole vibe seems authentic and well blended. I think you could not tell that this fragrance is that cheap if you did not know. Especially if you check the performance. “Rich/Warm/Addictive” comes with an amazing longevity and projection. It lasts around 10 – 12 hours on my skin with a pretty good silage at the first two hours. Afterwards it does not shine that bright, but still lingers around the room. Especially if a girl is close to you she will definitely notice it.

The only occasion where I can imagine wearing “Rich/Warm/Addictive” is during an indoor night out with a girl, a date or a cozy and comfy ‘Netflix and Chill’ evening with some good movies. Zara’s creation is truly warm and addictive. You feel hugged by a warm smell and definitely want more. It brings warmth to the colder days in winter and autumn. The seasons are somewhat limited. This fragrance is simply way to sweet and heavy if I would imagine someone wearing it during spring or summer.



As mentioned before it is sweet. Did I mention it?

This sweetness can be off-putting to some people, particularly to those women who like their men more masculine and strong. So gentlemen, look out for the perfect situation to rock “Rich/Warm/Addictive” by Zara.

Otherwise I totally recommend it and you cannot even complain about the price. If you have the chance to put your hands and nose on it, just buy it. No regrets. You could even gift this scent to your girlfriend or sister. 🙂

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