Dolce & Gabbane – The One EDP


I really do not know how to start on this one. Wait now I know.


One of my absolute favorite fragrances I have ever smelled so far. I bow to Olivier Polge for this stunning creation.

“The One EDP“ by Dolce & Gabbana is just a killer in the fragrance-game. Originally published in 2008 with the Eau de Toilette version it was already good, but in my opinion a little bit to light and gone to fast. But with the Eau de Parfum version from 2015 everything I did not like was just blown away. Depth, rich- and darkness to the scent, as well as better performance.

On top I get like a citrusy, sweet opening from the Grapefruit and Basil with the amazing blast of its´ character. As it dries down the Amber, Tobacco and Ginger become more dominant with a good mixture of the top notes. For me the Orange Blossom sometimes peeks trough. I always want to take a bath in this scent, so it stays as long as possibile on my skin. Sadly I do not have the money to fill a bathtub. “The One“ is just the one and amazing blend and connection between all the notes that are worked into one bottle.

As the name might reveal “The One“ simply is the one you need for everything in the colder times of the year. This fragrance simply contains every association in its´ sillage you can imagine. It is masculine, seductive, sexy, fresh, cozy, attractive and so on. It owns so many facets that it is even hard tot keep track of all of them. All these attributes fit in almost every occasion that is out there where you could possibly find yourself in. It could do another enumeration about it, but I think you can guess. To provide little help for you here are some examples: date, work, casual, dressed-up, dressed-down, night outs with the boys and so on. You know by now. There is always a reason to where it. You can even pick it up, if you do not know what to wear on that day. It will do its’ job.


“I tell you now, that this scent is ’The One’ you need.“ – GOTIT?


The man I imagine wearing this scent owns a lot of these attributes mentioned before. I guess he can start wearing it at the age of 20 where he starts to look like a young man with a lot of adventures ahead of him and the urge to reach his own goals. But “The One“ is also the man in his higher age with a lot of experience and a satisfied look back at what he has accomplished throughout the years. Guys, keep rocking.

As mentioned before the performance of the EDP-version of “The One“ works way better for me. Unfortunately the EDT-version was gone on my skin after around 4 hours. With the newer version I do not have problems with the longevity and the projection. The juice lasts around 7-8 hours on my skin. Sometimes even longer and I can smell it on the next morning if I reapplied on afternoon the day before. The sillage is moderate throughout a lasting-circle, but always very noticeable. “The One“ comes in three different sizes. The 50ml/48€, the 100ml/65€ and the 150ml/77€ bottle. And believe when I say when I am done with my bottle, there is going to be a new one and it is going to be big.

What a reviewer would I be if I do not tell you about the downside of this scent, right? There unfortunately is one. Because it is so famous and the quality is so good and the scent itself is so f****** good a lot of people knew about and bought it. So it is not the newest invention, but still the most solid pick-up you can ever do.

I hope you smelled it already, otherwise I have to sue you. 😀

Take care and have a great week.


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