Hermès – Le Jardin de Monsieur Li

Fresh, invigorating, the smell of flourishing life in spring and summer. Ladies, this fragrance is just amazing and simple.

“Le Jardin de Monsieur Li“ by Hermès simply offers everything you want from a casual, fresh spring and summer scent. Published in 2015 and created by Jean-Claude Ellena is even kind of new to the fragrance market and not as widely spread as other scents are.

As mentioned before “Le Jardin de Monsieur Li“ contains just three notes. First the note of Kumquat which brings a flashing citrusy vibe and a lot of character to the scent. This note creates a huge part of the refreshing vibe. Second, in the background, you smell Jasmine which is just beautifully blended and adds a white floral feeling to it. Both notes are connected with Mint in the middle moving around from top to base.Some even say that there is a ceratin amount of Iris in it.

If you just smell the cap or the atomizer it smells like sunmilk to me. But only like the good ones, that are highly expensive. But for me the real quality appears when the juice dries down on the skin. After around 30 minutes the note of Jasmin comes to the top and rocks it from there on. This fresh, clean, floral, invigorating and aquatic vibe this gourmont fragrance produces, is exactly how I imagine a women should smell throughout the casual day in the named season. It is very simple and to some people also boring, but I like the fragrances with a well-combined developement throughout a lasting circle. Minimalistic.


“It reminds me of having breakfast in the garden and going to the beach with friends and family afterwards. It is kind of a reminder to my childhood.”


Performance. Ah, I hate to mention the performance when I am talking about such a great fragrance scent-wise. It is a fresh fragrance and the longevity is moderate with around 6 – 7 hours. The sillage and projection on the other hand are something different. The projection is very good at the beginning and slowly settles down, so that „LdMLi“ stays as this awesome smelling gourmont fragrance but as soon as this process is done, it looses the power. So be prepared to be blasted by the scent at the beginning and be prepared to carry a travel-atomizer. 😉

It is a fragrance for every women between 16 and 50 or even more. Simple, fresh and good. It is also listed as an unisex perfume. But because it has this good quality and there is a little “Hermès“ written on the bottle, you have tot pay its´price. It comes in 50ml/51€ and 100ml/72€ online. So you should check it out before buying, but I am telling you right now. There is no going wrong with “Le Jardin de Monsieur Li” by Hermès. So prepare for summer and stock

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