Hollister – Southern California (“SoCal”)

Beach-parties, surfer boys and a lot of good looking girls.
We want to take a look at a fragrance that you probably smelled once in your life and could associate with the three things above. Today we check out the fragrance “SoCal Eau de Cologne” by Hollister. The scent that lingers around the Hollister – stores and stays in mind with the darkness if you visit a local store. I have worn it last summer throughout the hot days and you could do it too upcoming summer.
“SoCal” (“Southern California”) is a dark – sweet, aquatic yet masculine scent. Because there has never been a notebreakdown we need to stick to our nose and figure out what we get from it. There is something dark, sweet and fruity in the scent. Additionally I get somewhat of a coconut milk vibe out of it. Combined with the masculine vibe, maybe from musk and woods, it is a good smelling casual summer scent, yet to deep and heavy to wear it at work-outs in my opinion.

However, this fragrance does have problems concerning the performance. The longevity is just about 4 hours with a very close projection after around 25 minutes. That could be the problem of the concentration of perfume-oil. But you could also say that it simply sucks in the performance category. That is why I love wearing that one inside as a casual summer scent, or for closer encounters. Right of the neck it smell gorgeous and transmits this chilly surfer boy vibe. Perfect date scent and with a travel-atomizer wearable all day. Just the projection is a pain in the a**. Yet the smell itself is amazing, I have to admit. Especially because of the decreasing hype around the brand ‘Hollister’. Totally wearable, again.
If you are a fan of the smell, and might be looking for a new scent to wear next summer, which is not that famous and have that little more money to spend on a middle-class scent with some problems go ahead and check it out! It comes in 50ml, 75ml and in 125ml price ranged from around 40€ to 70€. You might even find it for less money on the internet somewhere.

What do you think about the Hollister fragrances in general? Do you like them, or are they still just another association to the ‘Hipster-kids’ wearing the clothes and cologne?  

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