Yves Saint Laurent – La Collection Nu

For the slightly older and mature ladies. We got something very special today. This is not a scent you would see in your local store normally, because this one you will only find in houses of the brand or in bigger stores with a huge offer. We are talking collection-scent here and we are talking “La Collection Nu“ Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent.

Published in 2011 and originally created in 2001 by Jacques Cavallier, this fragrance belongs to a line with other fragrances of this house. There have been several presentations of this scent so far. The older one looked like a silver disk with an atomizer worked into the bottle. The newer versions looks as shown in the picture with “Nu“ and Yves Saint Laurent on the front and the notebreakdown and date on the right side of the bottle.

Scent-wise “Nu“ definitely produces a very mature-women vibe. That is obviously due to the notes that this scent contains. What we get from the scent are cardamom and bergamot right of the top. As the scent dries down the invigorating bergamot fades into the back of the scent and olibanum and incense start to lead the composition. That is what creates this mentioned vibe. In addition with some orchid “Nu“ has got its´ own interpretation of sweet, slightly invigorating spiciness combined with a floral and balsamic touch. It can also come across as a smell like going to church, but in fragrances where the incense is somewhat strong, the smeller almost ever comes in the mood of going to church or huging her/his grandparents. You see. “Nu“ creates right that. A mature vibe.

We definitely see this fragrance on a mature women. What a surprise, right? Starting at age 25 and upwards. Simply because the vibe would never fit to a young teenage girl. “Nu“ projects the feeling of wisdom, maturity and experience like an older woman combines in her personality. We would listen to an advice she is giving. But you definitley know what we are talking about, if you get your nose on this scent. As mentioned in older post:

“Adjust your fragrance to your personality or try it the other way around. This creates the whole image.”

Looking at performance “Nu“ works totally fine. It has got a longevity around 7 to 9 hours and projects moderate throughout the whole time. Concerning the wearability “Nu“ fits perfect to dressed-up formal or casual occasions on days in autumn and winter. No wrong with that one. It is a good choice if you are not 100% sure of what wearing today. Because it is not tot strong on the incense and olibanum “Nu“ it pleasant and does not create headaches for the people around you.

This fragrance come only in one size and costs about 80€ online for 80ml or 2.7 fl.oz. So definitely check it out before. If you fit into our description or see yourself like that, then you should go for it. Good choice!


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