Dolce & Gabanna – Intenso

Next up we take a look at a fragrance in style of a back to the roots–interpretation into modern world. A classic scent that made Dolce&Gabanna famous in the fragrance-game and dominated with its´ first appereance. In 1994 “Pour homme“ by Dolce&Gabanna emerged from the dust and was widely worn by men. In winter 2014 the new version called “Pour Homme Intenso“ appeared. It sounds like a more intense version of the old one, but that is hard to confirm. It is something different with a similiar character as it was before.

This fragrance gives of the same vibe in some way. An aquatic, fresh-spicy and herbal scent with a hint of fresh tobacco. Notes that are very persistent throughout the liniar development of “Intenso“ for us are: lavender and aqautic notes at the top, fresh tobacco, like in “The Dreamer“ by Versace in the heart and something woody in the base. All the exotic and unique notes that were used, like hay or bran are not recongniceable for us. Strange. It is hard to define the smell in some kind of way. Basically lavender and tobacco playing together with some interruption of aquatic and woody notes.

The fragrance is something classic and elegant from past time put into modern society. It smells like an older and mature man that held tight to his gentleman-attitude from the 90´s. This particular man is still living and practicing it in the modern time. He has perfectly adapted to new circumstances and new rules, but still lets his experience influence his behavior in any kind of situation and with any type of person. This man is old-fashioned and respectful to the people around him, does know where he stands and where he could go. A good carrying father or a succesful and human entrepreneur who does not play with his employees are some roles where men could be in, when wearing this fragrance. It can be worn in almost every casual occasion, every more upscale situation and every important setting. We would not recommend it for he gym or the club, because it simply does not give of that fresh or sweet vibe you might want to have in these kind of situations. But what you could do is wearing this fragrance to a date, if you are wearing more elegant clothes and are a little older and mature. Additionally do we not want to set a limit to the seasons and where you should or should not rock that scent, but we think that wearing “Intenso“ in the colder days throughout the year is the better choice.

If we take a look at the performance category, we notice that “Intenso“ does well. Nothing special, yet solid. The longevity oft he fragrance can be easily around 7-8 hours. The projections sadly is not that good, but does well as long as the person is moving around indoors. It projects lightly from the skin after 30 minutes, but you sometimes catch a whiff of lavender and tobacco in your nose and then you realize, you are wearing “Intenso“.

The brown bottle with golden font comes in the sizes 40, 75 and 125 ml in an ‘Eau de Parfum’ concetration . The 40ml bottle costs around 31€ which is pretty cheap in my opinion for a D&G scent. Gentlemen if you are as described or want to spread the vibe of being, check this fragrance out. Especially if you have been wearing the older version for some time.

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