Dolce & Gabanna – No.3 L´Impératrice

Ladies if you like smelling fruity, fresh and clean throughout the summer and spring time, this lovely fragrance is definitely a must have for all of you. “No.3 L´Impératrice“ by Dolce&Gabanna can give you all of this. The scent belongs to the “D&G Anthology“ and was published in 2009. It is the only scent from this Collection that is still being produced, because it had the biggest success out of all the other ones.

This aquatic, fruity and sweet fragrance with outstanding notes of rhubarb mixed with watermelon, kiwi in the beginning projects a tropic feeling that simply smells like summer. As the scent progresses musk and pink pepper are coming up to the surface of the smell and they give of a more warmer and rosy vibe, yet with the fruity notes still noticeable. A light, girly and easy-going fruitiness with a rosy vibe could describe the impression I get from this smell.

Because of the impression we have, “No.3 L´Impératrice“ is totally wearable in any casual occasion in spring and summer. You can wear it without doubting or regreting the decission you made. It is noticeable for its´ bright and light girly character which is clean and inoffensive.

“The picture of a young woman comes to our heads who is out with her friends, eating pie or ice-cream somewhere and grabbing some light drinks after they had a picnic in the warm sunlight.”

The performance of this fragrance is average level. “No.3 L´Impératrice“ lasts around 5 to 6 hours with a pretty low projection after the first 30 minutes. It sadly loses the power to fast to be one of the top players in the fragrance-game. Carrying a travel-atomizer is adviced, so you can stay fresh and good-smelling throughout the whole day. It comes in a 50ml and 100 ml bottle and you can find the 50ml version online for around 40€, but the 100ml is just 4€ more in price. So I would recommend that one. If you can find it for a good price or on sale, worth a buy. We recommend you to go ahead, check it out and add that one to your collection for a fresh, fruity and lady-lovely smell.

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