Biotherm – Eau Pure

Ladies, as a woman or girl you cannot go wrong on this one, if you are looking for a fresh fragrance for spring and summer. Especially if you are not into fragrances but still want to smell good.
We are taking a look at “Eau Pure” by Biotherm. It was published in 2008 and belongs to the whole Biotherm “Eau” collection. It is a fresh, fruity and crispy scent. With notes of lime, grapefruit, green tea and lemon you can almost feel the refreshing effect it has. These are also the notes that stand out throughout a lasting circle. Not much more to say about the smell. It is just fresh and invigorating fragrance for the office, the gym or any casual occasion.

Yet there is a downside to “Eau Pure” and a lot of other fresh fragrances. The performance. The reason could be that it is considered as a body spray and not as an EdT.So you need to spray a lot on your body to get the performance you are looking for, because the oil-concentration is lower compared to an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum.
It lasts around 3 to 5 hours on the skin and projects almost only at the beginning. Afterwards it sticks very close to your skin and would not be noticed except someone is coming very close to you, so definitely a scent for indoor activities. Still if you do not want to project and scream out with your scent, but still want to smell good in your own bubble. This works fine.
You can find the 100ml bottle for around 40€ online. So check it out before you buy!
Have a great and good smelling day, my fellow ladies.

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