Where to apply your fragrance?

Hey people, here I am going to show you Tips and Trick about using your scent. Additionally I try to share more of my knowledge about fragrances here. And we start things of with this here.
 Most of you know where to apply fragrance and how much they should use, but for those out there who do not. Here a simple graphic to show you. The orange spots show you where to spray your scent fort he most effective result.These areas on your body are most often pulse points where veines come close to the surface of the skin and transport blood through. That is what amplifies the projection of the scent.  These are also areas where you most often have contact with other people, like huging, shaking hands or walking by.

But you do not have to spray your fragrance on all of these spots. It depends on personal preference, strength of the scent and ocassion you are going to be in. Sometimes you need some more, sometimes less. If you get feedback from the people around work with it. If the feedback is positive like: „Wow, you smell good!“ or „Nice scent! What is that?“, then you are definitely on the right way. If it is more like: „You smell strong.“ or even „That is to much, buddy“, then you should consider working on your routine.
I marked the legs of the ladies for special occasions when you are wearing dresses or something short in the summer or spring. If you sit down in the office or caffe you are kind of close to your legs and can smell the scent coming from these points. Even men can do it if they want to, but as I mentioned before, it is all about personal preferences.
I personally like to have my scent just on neck and shoulder-height clothes so people who walk by can smell it and I create my little scentbubble around my head and chest. It is something personal, if you want to. The spray-routine differs from scent to scent and you have to figure out what works for you. Try out!


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