Montblanc – Individuel

Coming up next is an awesome fragrance for the winter time and colder autumn days. Day or night there is no limit to this one.
 It is Montblanc´s “Individuel” Eau de Toilette. Created by Pierre Bourdon and published in 2003, this cologne has got a pretty unique smell. With persistent notes of raspberry, vanilla and dark chocolate in the base and definitely pineapple on the top note this fragrance creates a deep sweet and aromatic vibe with some woody spiciness to it. But to me it often smells just like fresh laundry with a raspberry touch, because sadly I do not smell the rest of the notes e.g. cinnamon or vetiver.
Although it smells somewhat synthetic it has a very good longevity and lasts easily around 8 to 10 hours. Because it has that synthetic smell to it, it smells best from distance or if you catch a whiff of it coming to you. The beauty in this scent first comes to place as it dries down. Before that, it is not that one of an appealing smell to me, but still working well. The sillage you project depends on whether you are inside or outside, which is obvious but all in all it has got a projection around arm length, sometime more or less.
This scent is a love it or hate it one, but it has received a lot of attention and good words from the community, so definitely worth to try out. And for just around 25€ it is qualified as a perfect blind buy option or good as a present for Christmas.
So go ahead and check it out, and tell us your opinion!
Thank you.

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