Van Cleef & Arpels – Midnight in Paris

Now this one is a special one. It is hard to compare that scent to your normal fragrances on a shelf. That is because of its unique smell and the niche quality.

You are looking at “Midnight in Paris“, by Van Cleef & Arpels. Created by Domitille Bertier and Olivier Polge, published in 2010, this is can just be described with the word “different”. Midnight in Paris works with balsamic, aromatic and leathery accords that really stand out. First spraying this scent onto your skin you smell a leathery and powdery something that is hard to define. It kind of pulls the scent in two directions. Throughout the first minutes this smell persists and you smell the leather note and the Tonka bean, but as it settles down benzoin and definitely incense come to the top of the smell.
And those are all the things you get out of it if you are catching whiffs of it. This is also what creates the niche quality so to say. It just smells different from what you know from a fragrance.
I would recommend it for the fall and winter time since the heavy character of the smell doesn’t fit into light spring and hot summer days. Pick it up e.g. on dates to impress if you are confident enough, but consider that it could go horribly wrong, if the girl does not like you smelling like church.
Midnight in Paris is a longevity – monster and last depending on the skin easily around 9 – 10 hours and on some even more, like mine. The sillage of the scent is very strong at the beginning but settles down to a moderate, yet persistent level of lingering around you.
You can pick the 75ml bottle up for around 22€ and it is worth it if you really like powdery scents, and are looking for a well-blended, niche quality scent, that will stay in the minds of the people around you. Check it out in the store if you can find it and tell me what you think about that one.
Do you like it, or can you just do not understand why everyones loves it?
Just take me. I personally can not understand the hype around the scent. Yeah the bottle looks cool, but is it really a masterpiece? The smell itself probably is something about preference, but it is not something I come back to on a regular basis. And I still have not found the right occasion to wear this scent. Maybe I am going to pick it up on christmas when I am going to the church.

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