Ralph Lauren – Polo Red Intense

Here I present to you “Polo Red Intense” Eau de Parfum by Ralph Lauren. Not always is a newer version an improvement, but in this case it definitely is. We are looking at a scent from the year 2015 evolved from the older “Polo Red”.
Another unique creation that plays with red and fruity notes on top, but with darker and deeper notes in the middle and base. That is although exactly the way we described it. A sweet but dark smell that plays with these two different accords of fresh fruitiness and warm spiciness. What yet stands out are the cranberry, the grapefruit, the coffee and amber notes. You could also get some leather from this fragrance.
It can be worn almost in every occasion because it has that manly easiness to it. Smelled to close it might come across synthetic, but smelling it from a normal distance “Polo Red Intense” is just amazing. And you do not event need to smell it from close, because it projects very strong and can easily be worn in the winter and autumn or if you slow it down with the spray routine, pick it up in the spring. Yet we prefer wearing it on colder days, because of the spicy and darker notes in it.
As said before, this one is doing pretty well concerning the longevity and sillage. People around you can smell that one very strong in the first two hours until the scent settles back to your closer space and it lasts from 8 to 10 hours. “Polo Red Intense” is a little bit more expensive but can be found in a lot of stores for you to check out before you decide to buy it.
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