Jean Paul Gautier – Le Beau Male

Advertised as “the scent of freshness which makes men hot”, we are looking at the most recognizable bottle of all time. We are looking at Jean Paul Gaultier´s torso of a man. To be exact we are looking at the torso of “Le Beau Male Eau de Toilette” by JPG.
That fragrance is a throwback to the spring and summer where I was rocking this scent a lot. Published in 2013 this scent is pure aromatic- and freshness in a bottle. With just six notes in the breakdown it looks uninteresting but still does the job concerning the smell. It has got strong notes of mint, lavender, wormwood and musk to the nose and you feel the freshness coming to your mind smelling this fragrance. Not a lot more to say.

As mentioned before it is a spring and summer scent for the casual occasions like hanging out with your friends in a bar, the beach, the gym, at home or the office. You basically smell fresh and inoffensive.
Nevertheless “Le Beau Male” has got some problems like other fresh fragrances have. The longevity on this Eau de Toilette is not good. If you are lucky with your skin you can get about 4 – 5 hours of longevity. Otherwise you have to carry a travel-atomizer to refresh the scent on your skin. Especially if you sweat you wash of the scent. The projection also is not that strong. It is more or less a moderate on in the first hour but settles down to your skin very fast. Jean Paul Gaultier has more scents to offer from that category and me personally I like them. You might know the original “Le Male” which was just amazing until it was reformulated. And there are a few more versions to this scent out on the market.
It comes in several sizes (200ml, 125ml, 75ml, 40ml) and you can pick up the 75ml bottle for around 30 €. However if you are looking for a fresh fragrance or you know someone, go ahead and check it out! And do not get me wrong. If you can find it for a good price, or 30€ are good for you than buy it.
You can never start to early to prepare for spring.

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