Thierry Mugler – A*Men

If the color “blue“ would have had any relation to a cozy, warm and cuddly feeling and colors would have been blessed with smells. “Cozy-blue“ would smell like this and it would be called “A*Men Eau de Toilette“ by Thierry Mugler.This scent is from 1996 and created by Jacques Huclier and I am telling you, he did a great job. Kicking of the whole A*Men-Collection with this fragrance.

There are a lot of notes in this fragrance and most of them are not coming up to the surface. But what definitely jumps into your nose are the lavender in the beginning and then followed with caramel, coffee, patchouli, vanilla and tonka bean. Just these notes hint you where this fragrance is going. A cozy, warm and cuddly feeling mixed with some sweetness in a bottle. Dark-chocolate, coffee, caramel with a vibe of vanilla! The smell overall is just wonderful!

And don´t even get me started on the performance. This juice is a BEAST concerning the longevity. It lasts easily around 12-14 hours on the skin, with an astonishing projection and sillage up to 5 hours and more. I guess I do not have to explain when to wear it, but I still do.

“I imagine a mature and handsome guy sitting in a coffee-house working on projects for work, school or university, chatting with friends and having a good time in the autumn and winter. Once in a while he is sipping on his coffee and watching leaves fall as the season changes.” – ScentSpace

This masculine, sweet and chilled-coziness is definitely the feeling “A*Men“ projects. Little fanboy right here! So this time I recommend a fragrance and I really want you to check this one out, if you haven´t already. It comes in several versions and I own the refillable, 50ml, rubber-flask. That costs around 45€ and there is an 100ml version which costs around 65€. So gentleman…you know what to do!

Let me know if you own it already and what you think about it? If you just got it, tell me why. Looking forward to reply.


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