Perry Ellis – 360° Red

Perry Ellis´ “360° Red“ Eau de Toilette is known for its´ simularity to the famous “Acqua di Gio“ by Giorgio Armani. This fragrance was created by Jean-Louis Grauby and hit the shelves in 2003. The first time you smell this fragrance you immediatly recognize the connection to “Acqua di Gio“. Although some notes differ from the original, the scent itself is pretty close. It comes across as this citrusy, aromatic DNA we know from AdG, but there is a little difference. “360° Red“ has got a smellable note of cinnamon and lavender in it. Additionaly there are no aquatic notes, which change the appereance of the scent.

Missing the aquatic notes and adding the cinnamon turns the smooth and beachy scent from AdG into a little more harsch and more masculine version. You still get the vibe of the shining example but if you smell closely and pay attention to the development, there are differences. The fragrance overall is well-made and well-blended and it does not smell synthetic.

Surely, there are differences in the quality of these two scents. With a price just around 20€ for 100ml of “360° Red“ and 72€ for 100ml of “Acqua di Gio“ you can guess what I am talking about. You just do not get the performance. The longevity is more or less moderate with around 6 hours. Same with the sillage and projection. In the beginning of its´ lasting-circle it is arm length but looses power very fast and sticks to the skin. Therefore it is harder to pull it of outside unless you do not use a travel-atomizer. If you do it works just fine and can be worn in the same occasions as AdG can be.

However the scent is good for spring and summer and with the right tools you can easily pull it off a whole day and make it work like “Acqua di Gio“. The smell itself is in fact so close to the original that you could easily say, you are wearing it, the original. And for the price, definitely worth a blind buy, because it is hard to smell it first in the store. Me personally, I have never seen it.

Do you own both fragrances? What do you think about the differences? Let me know. Thank you.


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